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Now open in 'for KIDS'... The DingDing Gallery - See your own artwork online!

Please help us to make DingDing even better by using the form below to send us an email with your views on, suggestions for, or feedback about the site. Thanks in advance!

HEY, YOUNG DINGDINGERS! Stay safe: Never tell anyone your email address. We take your feedback just as seriously as the feedback we get from grown-ups (in fact, a bit more seriously between you and me) but we don't need you to tell us your email address. If you'd like a reply, please ask a parent or teacher if you can use their email instead.

If you're a grown-up and would like a reply, please ensure you enter a valid email address. The Dingding team read each suggestion carefully, and will respond presonally by email if appropriate. Of course, we're very careful indeed to respect your privacy.

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