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Help Me!

Oh no! You weren't supposed to need to refer to this page! Sorry you ended up here - we've tried hard to make things as straightforward as possible, but there's a lot on DingDing, so here are answers to a few questions you might have.

About the Site

Where are all the games then?

The games are in the "for Kids" section.

What are the other bits of the site?

We have overviews of what the site offers targeted to the kinds of things you might want to know as a parent, teacher or professional, which should gve you a good idea what's on offer. If you'd like to download lesson plans, specialist information, or participate in the site, we ask you to register. Registration's free, very easy, and we take care of your privacy. It's not that the content is top secret or sinister, it's just useful for us to know what kinds of people are accessing the site, so we can target the content more precisely.

I have a problem with registration / logging in

To use the member pages, you need to enable cookies in your browser - again, we're not doing anything sinister with the cookies, it's just the most convenient option for most people. Don't panic, it's easy to fix this - the precise steps you need to take depend on the browser you're using - there's a great set of walkthroughs at Google

If you're sure you have cookies enabled, and you're still having problems, contact us, providing your login name if appropriate.

This site seems to be mostly about public transport. That's great, but is there anywhere I can find amusing pictures of penguins instead?

Yes. Try this site. The combination of the dignified expression worn by the Macaroni Penguin and its hairdo makes it one of the most hilarious pictures you're likely to find if any flightless bird.

The site looks weird / broken

That depends on how you look at it! DingDing should work on any modern browser and computer (Internet Explorer for Mac is not a "modern browser" - do yourself a favour and switch to Safari!). If you think you've found a problem, we'd really like you to tell us about it, making sure to let us know which browser, OS and computer you're using.

We don't have content at the moment for cellphones, mobile devices, PDAs etc - but if you'd like to see stuff in future, let us know!

About the games

The games are too young / old for me

Lots of the games let you pick your own key stage using the circled (1), (2) and (3) buttons at the bottom of the page. The key stages are just a guideline - if you're up for a challenge, try a harder level - if you just want to relax, pick a lower one - we won't tell.

The games run too slowly

DingDingers use all kinds of computers old and new, and we try to provide something for everybody. If you're struggling with one of the more demanding games, try shutting down other open programs. If this still doesn't fix it, you might have to try a different game - at least there's plenty of choice!

I can't see the games. I just get an error message or a broken icon.

Our games use the free Macromedia Flash plugin. This comes with most computers, but if you don't have it, not to worry, you can grab a copy at

I've scrolled all the way down this really really long help page and I'm STILL struggling with a question you haven't answered!

If you're having any other problems with the site - please tell us about it. If you provide an email address, we'll try to reply personally.

NB: Cookies must be enabled to use this site
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