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Key Stage 1 Resources

Lots of support here to help you to teach the kids to learn with embedded learning. Let your kids imagination run wild with Build a Bus (they can even print their creations off to take home), get them to make a virtual representations of themselves to take around DingDing and look at stereotyping (Citizenship) with 'Who's the Driver'.

We've developed a series of educational modules that you can use individually or in various combinations as you require. You can view the teachers overview, notes, kids worksheets and online and offline activities by downloading the PDF's.

To read or print documents in PDF format, you may need to download Adobe Reader from (off-site link)

School Travel Plans through climate change

Art & Design / ICT

See also the Ticketing special resources



Internet Explorer 6 download problems?

Some Internet Explorer 6 users have reported that clicking on the PDF links and trying to open them directly into my browser generates an error message saying 'There was an error opening this document. The file cannot be found'. This is a issue with the way that Acrobat and Explorer seem not to work together nowadays - but there is an easy solution.

All you have to do is download the PDF's to your desktop, by right-clicking the files link and selecting 'Save Target As' and choosing where to save the file to your machine. Once safely downloaded just double-click the PDF to open within Adobe Acrobat.

Note: Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 users seem unaffected. Any problems do email us at for help.

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