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Travel Training:

Pre-release: Version 0.8

Travel is an integral part of everyday, life that most people take for granted. The majority of pupils with learning difficulties enjoy travelling and a programme, which promotes the skills needed to travel must be one that all pupils can access.

The following are a series of lesson plans designed to support a road safety programme. The lesson plans have been designed to assist teachers of pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties, but would be appropriate for teachers in mainstream with children with similar levels of maturing and difficulties. The lesson plans, although designed to be progressive can be used in isolation or in sections dependent on the pupils abilities and needs.

Pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties who may never travel independently need to acquire skills which will help them to become more familiar and comfortable with assisted travelling. Pupils who are depended can be taught skills to aid their ability and assist their future carers, for others independent travel can open new horizons and lead to greater freedom. These skills are often overlooked but when pupils gain ability to travel this frequently leads to increased abilities, raising of self esteem and increased confidence.

The lesson plans have been developed with and for the Dingding website. They also include references to the National Curriculum Attainment Targets and the relevant levels, plus the Pre National Curriculum levels.

Why Pre-release?

The PDF's released below are not yet finished and are posted in response to the number of enquiries that we are receiving from you, our users to allow feedback and suggestions.

If you do have any suggestions then do please email DingDing at

We are also working on photographing a range of scenarios, people, dogs and crossings to illustrate the plans for your use in class.

Coming soon

Pavement and Road Craft

Which features: Pavement and Roads, Roads, Crossing a Road, Zebra Crossing, Pelican / Puffin / Toucan Crossing, School Crossing, Person Assisted Crossing.


Which features: Vehicles, People, Objects, Animals and Dealing appropriately with a Animal

Stranger Danger

Introduction to Travel Training

Which features: Suggested Emergency Procedure, Public Transport, What to do if you get lost.

Pupil Pupil Risk Form

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