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What's DingDing?

Perhaps your child has been using DingDing at home or at school and as a parent you would like to know more about it. Is it safe? What about advertising and chatrooms? Is it educational or is it just play? Perhaps you'd like to know how you can help your child to use DingDing? Read on...

DingDing is Safe - No Advertising

You'll be pleased to hear that unlike other websites DingDing isn't being used to sell any product or service. There's no cereal, no tokens to collect and no fizzy canned drinks. Phew!

DingDing is Free - No really, it's true!

No credit card required. You can't buy one and get one later. You can't have 50% off from something that's free and that's not a limited offer.

No need to register

You don't need to register with the website to make use of it. You can register if you want to download any of the educational lesson plans or use the online gallery but none of the games require a password. If you do register with us we promise not to share your details with any third parties - just take a look at our Data Policy for more details.

If there is no advertising, how is DingDing funded?

DingDing has been primarily funded and supported by the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) but is open to other organisations that want to develop it further for use in other regions or countries. Itís been designed and produced by Stardotstar an award winning content creation company that believes that the promotion of public transport is in societies best interests

TfGM has commissioned, with other bodies such as North West Arts, all of the games and lesson plans on the website to date. This is why there is a strong public transport theme throughout the website. This theme is currently being expanded to cover pedestrian safety and themes may expand further in the future.

DingDing has been devised as licensable website that can be personalised for any region, city or town. This means that as more PTE's, Councils, Authorities and groups license DingDing it will enable funds to grow DingDing and become more regionally relevant to you and your area.

Chatrooms and messaging - There are none!

DingDing doesn't have any chatrooms or discussion boards. We don't collect any details from learners' emails or submissions which are then shared or passed on to any third parties. In simple terms - your children are safe because we don't collect or track personal details. For more information see our Data Policy.

What ages does DingDing cater for?

DingDing is aimed at learners between 5 and 14. We've segmented the games into Key Stages. Each Key Stage broadly covers the three age ranges of:

Can I register even though I'm not a teacher?

Yes - feel free. You can support your childs home based learning by doing so. If lesson plans scare you though, don't panic. Get your creativity cap on and co-write and illustrate a story, poem or journey in What Can You See? . Or maybe just run through and play Green X Code to make your child safer on our busy streets.

So, to Sum Up - DingDing is...

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