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DingDing for professionals

We noticed that DingDing was registering so much interest from public and private sector bodies and organisations that we decided to give you your own section!

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What is DingDing? - Public transport thematic

TfGM ( Transport for Greater Manchester ) was facing a dilemma: It wasn't effectively engaging young learners or communicating the benefits of public transport to children within Greater Manchester.

Children and parents were and are increasingly shunning the school bus as a viable way to get to school in the mornings, or anywhere else. This has meant that entire generations are becoming adults without ever even trying any form of public transport - and as a result are unwilling to do so now.

How many times have you heard from friends "I haven't been on a bus in years" or "I've never been on a bus in my life" ?

DingDing is our solution to this problem: our key aim is to promote and educate public transport to children in a relevant, engaging way to them before advertising and peer pressure made their minds up for them.

What else can DingDing do?

Already DingDing has started to look at other areas that complement the public transport thematic and start to address additional issues such as road safety and travel training. Safety messages and assisted learning in complimentary areas such as Fire, First Aid or addressing specific education subjects are also welcome.

If you have any suggestions as to areas we should be looking at then please tell us.

What is DingDing?

The education content covers a range of National Curriculum objectives.

DingDing is Safe

DingDing cannot contractually be used for any form of advertising. So DingDing cannot be used to sell fizzy pop or trainers which would undermine teachers and parents faith in DingDing's validity as a safe website for their children.

If there is no advertising, how is DingDing funded?

DingDing has been primarily funded and supported by the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) but is open to other organisations that want to develop it further for use in other regions or countries. It’s been designed and produced by Stardotstar an award winning content creation company that believes that the promotion of public transport is in societies best interests

TfGM has commissioned, with other bodies such as North West Arts, all of the games and lesson plans on the website to date. This is why there is a strong public transport theme throughout the website. This theme is currently being expanded to cover pedestrian safety and themes may expand further in the future.

DingDing has been devised as licensable website that can be personalised for any region, city or town. This means that as more PTE's, Councils, Authorities and groups license DingDing it will enable funds to grow DingDing and become more regionally relevant to you and your area.

Do you want a DingDing for your area? Licensing and Growing...

The website has, so far, been funded by TfGM and we have established a licensing system that allows us to licence DingDing to other areas of the country. We would be delighted to work with other regions in extending DingDing's relevance to you area and your issues. This would also avoid wasteful but flattering duplication of what DingDing delivers.

This would allow you, as a licensee, to create your own version of DingDing localised and branded to your own area. You can also use any of the games that are on DingDing and collaborate from region to region..

If you are interested in talking to us about using DingDing in your area then contact us online or talk to Gez O'Brien and discuss your requirements further.

New Embed Feature

You can now take away part of DingDing for your own school website or blog. Just find the game you want to use and scroll down so you can see the ‘Embed this game’ button. If you click that button a pop-up will appear giving you the embed code for you to copy and paste into your own website or blog. Easy.

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