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Now open in 'for KIDS'... The DingDing Gallery - See your own artwork online!

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DingDing is a freely available and safe National Curriculum educational resource for Teachers, Parents and Learners at Keystages 1, 2 and 3. You can download free lesson plans and other resources by registering here.

New Embed Feature

You can now take away part of DingDing for your own school website or blog. Just find the game you want to use and scroll down so you can see the ‘Embed this game’ button. If you click that button a pop-up will appear giving you the embed code for you to copy and paste into your own website or blog. Easy.

What is DingDing?

DingDing is fun, friendly and can be tailored to use by students of varying levels of achievement, independently or as part of a class exercise.

DingDing is Safe - No Advertising

You'll be pleased to hear that unlike other websites DingDing isn't being used to sell any product or service. There's no cereal, no tokens to collect and no fizzy canned drinks. Phew!

DingDing is Free - No really, its true.

No credit card required. You can't buy one and get one later. You can't have 50% off from something that's free and that's not a limited offer.

What does DingDing have to offer?

Work schemes, lesson plans, worksheets, digital artwork, pictures and interactive games for both online and off line activities. There is lots of support material, and it is all downloadable and freely printable. You will need to register here with DingDing to access the lesson plans and other resources but we promise not to share your details with any third parties - just take a look at our Data Policy for more details.

What sort of things can I expect to find in DingDing?

At KS1 and 2 there are individual lesson plans for a variety of subjects. KS3 contains an entire 6 week scheme of work dedicated to the Citizenship area of the national curriculum. Content is being added all of the time. To access this material all you need to do is register here.

Who funds DingDing?

DingDing is funded by TfGM (Transport for Greater Manchester), and uses the thematic of public transport and road safety to explore lots of subject areas. These themes will be added to and expanded as we grow.

What resources are available across what subjects?

Available resources to download here are:

We've broken these resources down by Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 which you can see on the tabs above. If you click on one of these tabs you'll see the available downloads across subjects including:

How do I become part of DingDing?

If you wish to develop ideas for us and with us then do get in contact. Your ideas will be welcomed across any subject.

It is very important to us to ensure that DingDing is relevant to you as teachers and that we offer real value in terms of content and usability.

We welcome your input and have a feedback page where you can contact us with comments and ideas and exchange thoughts with other teachers.

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